Month: June 2021

Remember the children When Your Mind is Hurting

Childhood Where Life First Comes To Light Childhood is when the newborn has moved from darkness into the light. This nine-month-old child will continue to absorb the world around it. It is for us to prepare this place where the child will grow to… Continue Reading “Remember the children When Your Mind is Hurting”

My Childhood Let the sideshow begin

I-esteem—Me-esteem—Self-esteem You cannot substitute the absence of love, for the source must be compatible with the need. Childhood Take 1: Action There is one question I always ask myself each time that I write or speak about the most crucial stage of our lives,… Continue Reading “My Childhood Let the sideshow begin”


 Childhood Memories Do not cover up your childhood pain with the things that you say and do. This is what you do to try to feel better, but it does not work, which I am sure there are daily reminders that this is so.… Continue Reading “CHILDHOOD HURT AND PAIN”

When Your Mind is Hurting Let’s Talk Childhood

Hurt and Pain by Any Other Name Nothing can be more important than understanding the role of childhood in our growth and development. I hope that you will read this post and that it will be of comfort to you, your loved ones, or… Continue Reading “When Your Mind is Hurting Let’s Talk Childhood”

My Sister-In-Law Is Having An Affair

Dear Messenger: Question and Answer #1 To Tell or Not to Tell My sister-in-law told me she is having an affair with our Pastor. What should I do? Need help getting along with partners, relatives, coworkers, and people in general?Do you have questions about living a… Continue Reading “My Sister-In-Law Is Having An Affair”

your TIME the only time YOU HAVE

IT IS HOW YOU THINK {Do You really know what time it is} No matter what time it is, time does not change. What happens in the space of time does. It is not changing; we are. It is personal. It starts for each… Continue Reading “your TIME the only time YOU HAVE”

THINKING and reasoning is what we do

Thinking is what we do. Our brains have the same makeup but different—as we are—in what they can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit to the thoughts… Continue Reading “THINKING and reasoning is what we do”

Distraction or Attraction

Remember This: I come before you, they, them, we, and us. When I do not come first, life will be disordered until I do. The greatest attraction/satisfaction should be your SELF. There are reasons why you let things distract you, even when you do… Continue Reading “Distraction or Attraction”

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