your TIME the only time YOU HAVE


{Do You really know what time it is}

time is space β€” space is time
Pardon Me: Do You Have The Time

No matter what time it is, time does not change. What happens in the space of time does. It is not changing; we are. It is personal. It starts for each of us when our parents create us. Be it intentional, accidental, or another reason only known to them. You nor I can share our time, for it is personal. You cannot buy, lend, or borrow time. And your time is the only time you will have.

Hands holding money exchanging with time, of course, it cannot be done. The purpose of this image is to show some "characters" will try.
could i buy a little time

Time will give you no more time when you have no more time for life. Time, though, is not as important as what you do with it. When you think of the time that you have, the first thing you should think of is what you will do with it. What is just as important is how you feel as you go about doing it. To get the most from the time you have been given, you must understand what it is and how to use it wisely. The longer it takes to know what to do, the less time you have to do it. Because for sure, you will not get your time back. Our life moves on, even if our mind does not. You can think about the past. You can never be there. Keep in mind, the only time you have is the present.

Time for conception

A system of time for each person starts from conception. There is a time to be born, a time for living, and the final time: The time to move on to another existence. We do not control time. However, we do have control over how we live our life. Time does not change; things happen. And no matter how well we live our time, there will be a time when there is no more.

You may ask much of time, but time does not give. The question asked most often is for more time. Time will not answer. It only listens at the beginning before we are aware of the concept of time, and this is at a time of life when the question is not or cannot be asked. There cannot be an answer if there is no question.

Time stands still, though we do not. We cannot stop it, slow it down or speed it up. Nor can we waste it, but you can misspend it. The thing that you can do with time is to live it. When there is no more time, there is no more life. You do not start it over, this as far as we know. Time goes on; our time does not. You should live your time. Why question it. You cannot get it back once it is gone. Time for all things was here before us and shall be when we are gone. You cannot take a person, place, or thing with you when you go.

You are the master of the time you have for the time you have it. We have been given a lifetime. And we decide what to do with our lives, which tells the kind of life we will have and the path we will follow to the end. As straightforward as this may be, many do not understand this simple truth. They still tryβ€”but can never succeedβ€”to live their lives by what they think others think of them. And for many, to their detriment, what they feel about themselves. The only thing that you do when you do this is to live your time away. Live it. Your time is the only time you have.



We never know how much time we have left to use the time we have. Time should always be put to its best use. The next step you take is one more step closer to home. We can never breathe the next breath. The time of man is not precise. It can never be known when a thing will be, just as it can never be known when it will not. All that we can do is plan. The future is not ours to know. It can be over just when we think we do.

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