Month: July 2021

Thinking our Thoughts is what we do

MORE TO THINK ABOUT Thinking our thoughts is what we live to do. There is nothing more critical to your sense of Self and well-being than your thoughts and how you think them. Our thoughts and how we think them are what determine what… Continue Reading “Thinking our Thoughts is what we do”

label me not with your words

Do You Know Your Place Label me not with your words. If not, how will I know who or what you are? You must know where you belong. If not, you are lost. There are things a society must have in place for us… Continue Reading “label me not with your words”

mission possible with you and your mind

WE THINK TO LIVE AND LIVE TO THINK “To tell a person what to think will not teach them how to think.’ We are how we think.” The “mission” has been accepted: Here is where you should be if you are someone you know… Continue Reading “mission possible with you and your mind”

HATE: the seed did grow in the heart of woman

In the Heart of Woman, the Seed Did Grow Prologue: HATE: Be warned that you read The Birth of Hate at the risk of having shifting emotions, rising passions, and unrestrained thoughts. It does not promote neither does it condemn an ideology, religion, or… Continue Reading “HATE: the seed did grow in the heart of woman”

Woman’s burden Because of Man

The Woman and Girl Do This Because Of Man A Heavy Load To Carry From the time they rise in the morning to when they lie down for the night, a female (woman/girl) has to check and recheck that nothing is showing, smelling, or… Continue Reading “Woman’s burden Because of Man”


Created to Evolve to Create Creation and Evolution = Creavolution Creation is the breath of life from which we evolve. For us humans, our parents are the Creators. If all is as it should be, they prepare the way for us. An offspring does… Continue Reading “CREATION AND EVOLUTION = Creavolution”

Makeup and Getup Will Not Keep You Up

wHAT YOU SEE IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU GET Beautiful You Beautiful Me Makeup and getup will not keep you up. Please admit to it now so that we can keep it moving. What bothers some the most is what they think others might… Continue Reading “Makeup and Getup Will Not Keep You Up”

Looks should not Cause You Pain

Looks — The Achilles Heel There is likely no one who doesn’t care about their looks and certainly NO ONE who doesn’t have that one thing that causes insecurity about their appearance. It has as much to do with what you think others think… Continue Reading “Looks should not Cause You Pain”

Pain Does Not Cause Pain How You Think Does

Pain and hurt will stay with you long after the feelings of pleasure would be gone. Note: When I say you, as I often do, it is only you when you see you. The message here is direct. If you do not recognize any… Continue Reading “Pain Does Not Cause Pain How You Think Does”

there is nothing to Think but a thought

Thought and thinking are not always the same. A thought is just a thought until you think. You cannot think of anything until you have a thought about it. And our thoughts are based on our awareness of the people, places, and things in… Continue Reading “there is nothing to Think but a thought”