Woman’s burden Because of Man

The Woman and Girl Do This Because Of Man

White Covering Not to Show Panties

A Heavy Load To Carry

From the time they rise in the morning to when they lie down for the night, a female (woman/girl) has to check and recheck that nothing is showing, smelling, or telling. It is hard out here for the female gender. And to add to this, she has to always be alert to the males’ presence and intentions. So why don’t I just run down the list to highlight just how tough it is.

  1. When wearing a dress or skirt, must sit a certain way where men and boys are present
  2. When wearing pants, must make sure they are not too form fitting in the genital area
  3. She will usually wear black to avoid the above
  4. Must do the “sniff test” before leaving home
  5. No spitting blowing of the nose or other natural body functions in the presence of her boyfriend
  6. To add to the item just above, absolutely no expelling of “wind” from the lower orifice
  7. Must not admit to having no more than one or two past lovers—if that
  8. Add to the above; a virgin is expected even at the age of fifty: slight exaggeration
  9. Must pretend not to be too sexually experienced while at the same time acting as if she is
  10. And last, but certainly not the least, must grin and bear it
White Sitting Showing Panties

I am a man and what I have said comes from observation. And I will admit that what I think I see may not be that way at all. So if I a wrong and the burden for women and girls is not what I have described, please correct me—where I am wrong— and feel free to add to the list. There has to be more. Your contribution will become part of the conversation. So let your voice be heard.


And how you think is how you will feel and how you feel is how you will act.

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