To Hear but not listen

This image is to show what it looks like when you listen, or not.
Listen to Learn-Learn to Listen

You must be ready and willing to learn. You have to listen to learn and learn to listen. You have to listen to what you hear, listen to what you read, listen to what is said to you, and listen to your Self. When we are born, we do not know how to listen. It is an acquired skill. You first hear, and when, and only when you are ready and willing, you listen. When you listen, you can feel the sound of your thoughts. If you want to “think what you read,” you must listen to what you read.

Want To Or Not You Will Hear

To hear is not to listen. It is not the same. It takes no effort to hear if you want to or not. To hear is one of the senses. It is there by nature and has no on and off switch. The senses let us live and are the means to be in touch with our world. They make life worth living. They are tools of nature. To listen is not a sense it is a skill. You must want to listen to listen. Otherwise, you will not learn.

You must have a deep sense of purpose and a strong drive to learn. Not just hear what is said or giving a cursory glance at the words that you read. When you listen, what you were only hearing now has your attention. Your mind is closed to all else. When we focus on what we hear to where our mind takes over, we are listening. In so many ways, it is much like meditation. What we listen to can be calming when we feel it. You have to want to learn to listen. Until you do, you will only hear. Are you listening now?

Our lives are shaped by how well we know how to listen. Just because you can hear does not mean you are going to listen. We hear with our ears, but we listen with our mind. The words begin to sink in. It is then that you are focused. You are there. To see what we mean when we say the things that we do.

You Can Look But Not See and Hear But Not Listen

There is a time to listen. There is a time to think. There is a time to talk. Listen, think, and then speak. Knowing when it is the best time for each is what determines the outcome. These are the things you must know to have a conversation and dialog. The best format to have a bit of give and take. This way, all will have a chance to express their thoughts. No one will feel left out. It works best when one talks and the other listens. The key is to know when it is your turn. When you listen, you do that, not a thing more. No such thing as divided listening. You will listen when your mind tells you that you are ready–now is the time.

You cannot be sure of what you have heard if you have not listened. As a result, when it is your turn what you say likely will not have the desired results. In fact, it could be a life-changer. In a not so pleasant way. You can talk and hear at the same time, but you will not be listening. If you try, it would be like trying to think two thoughts at the same time. You can do neither one. Our mind moves to what we are thinking. There is no dual track for how we think. And a thought will not divide. It is just as you cannot say two words at the same time.

You Only Go Off Track At The End Of The Line

Life Is The one Track We Live

Say what needs to be heard. Someone will listen. First, though, you should not say a word until you say it to yourself. No matter what you say, you should make sure to say what you know. There is a lesson in all we say and do.


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