Month: April 2021

The Woman’s burden Because of Man

The Woman and Girl Do This Because Of Man Woman’s (Girls) Burden To Bear From the time they rise in the morning to when they lie down for the night, a female (woman/girl) has to check and recheck that nothing is showing, smelling, or… Continue Reading “The Woman’s burden Because of Man”

label me not with your words

Do You Know Your Place Label me not with your words. If not, how will I know who or what you are? You must know where you belong. If not, you are lost. There are things a society must have in place for us… Continue Reading “label me not with your words”

Pain Does Not Cause Pain How You Think Does

You Have to Listen to Learn and Learn to Listen Note: When I say you, as I often do, it is only you when you see you. The message here is direct. If you do not recognize any parts of how you think, feel,… Continue Reading “Pain Does Not Cause Pain How You Think Does”

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