Distraction or Attraction

Remember This: I come before you, they, them, we, and us. When I do not come first, life will be disordered until I do. The greatest attraction/satisfaction should be your SELF.

There are reasons why you let things distract you, even when you do not know the reason why. When you are distracted, it can be good, or it could be bad. It all depends on your thoughts. If a thing distracts you when you have good thoughts, it is not so good. If you are distracted when your thoughts are not good, it is a good thing. It is the thinking that you do afterward that makes the difference in what you do next. It is not all about distraction. There is much in life that you can be attracted to as well. And there are several cautions here that will serve you well to remember.

I Come First

When you find a person, place, or even a thing to be attractive to you, a one-way channel for your feelings has been opened. This action is not a distraction. It is an attraction; you are drawn to it. It is by way of a preference that we all have for that which pulls us in. We are attracted to people, places, and things that are attractive to us. But what turns me on may not do a thing for you. It is not by us; it is in us. Attraction leads to desire, and it is from this point, how you feel, and act will determine the outcome. Here is where a misinterpretation of the circumstance is likely to occur. Is it real, or is it the imagination with a heavy dose of fantasy, an image that has been created to take your mind for a ride?

What A Day for a daydream

Since the advent of modern-day marketing, lines have been blurred, and it is difficult for many to know what exactly they are attracted to. Is it unfettered attraction, or have you been led to think—by suggestion—what you find attractive. What you think you feel may be the hype and manipulation of the marketing machine. Just as in relationships, what you think you see may not be that at all. When you peel away the veneer, you realize it was just an illusion, a trick to gain your attention. There is very little that is what it seems to be; do you really know what is in that? You can “read the label” and still not know.

Distraction or Attraction that is the question

It has all come down to us against them. As has been put forth by the cautionary rule, “Let the buyer beware.” Is this person, place, or thing just another someone or something made up to draw you in to seal the deal? And then it is a wrap. These objects of attraction are like magnets; they draw you in when the wise thing would be to maintain your distance. Some will ignore all the signs to the contrary and plunge headfirst into the swirl of promotions, sales gimmicks, and marketing gadgets. The techniques are not exclusive to business concerns. There are men and women of all levels of society just as adept.

Though we can be attracted to many things, it is the intense feelings that you have for the other sex that tugs at your emotions and play tricks with your mind.  You must decide if the feeling is actionable, for no one can do it for you. Or is it just the result of your life circumstance: loneliness, for example. The answer comes, and you must know it when it does, for it is not always so apparent. And there are those times when the intent is to deceive. Another word for that is a setup or being “catfished.” One should know the difference, for it could be a lifesaver. The first step should only be taken after you have been invited. You are the gatekeeper of your mind, so you must know what to allow in your head.


When you are attracted to the object of your desire, the mind tends to go on a flight of fantasy. And before you know it, if you are not grounded in reality, you will take off into the unknown. As is often the case, it may turn out to be something/someone you should walk away from instead of towards. Much of this you may already know from firsthand knowledge. If so, treat this as just a reminder. Our preferences are based on how we view our wants and desires. They are subject to change as our mind goes from one thought to another. It depends on what is there to think about and what this does to how you feel. So this is a consideration that must be given before losing one’s self in the excitement of this most powerful force of attraction. It draws you in rather than pushes you away. Far too many, to their detriment, are distracted by their attractions.

It is how You think

What distracts some the most is when they think about what they think others think about them. And, of course, it is how you think. Then they try a never-ending effort to change things about themselves that cannot or should not be changed. They change how they dress, how they speak, and yes, even their face. Some, in their effort to cover up what they think, is a not so nicely shaped nose, cheekbones, eyes, skin tone, or other believed to be flaws apply cosmetics of all kinds to the point where those who know them feel forced to lie and say they look natural and so becoming. It is not a nice thing to do to your friends and loved ones.

But remember this, a Change in makeup will not change who you are. The Self is your makeup. It is the soul of a person, it is who you are, and it does not change. New makeup is not what you need. An overhaul of how you think is what you need. The change in how you think will change how you feel, which will change how you act and view the world around you. Let how you act be the face that you show the world. You should not depend on your looks to speak for you. Your outer person is only there to compliment who you are and not be the complete representation of you.

Makeup and a getup (outfit) will not keep you up. When how you look does not match your inner Self, it creates pressure. You have to try to act the way you look. The real you can only come out when the outside is inside. How you feel, then, depends on how you look, and with time the looks will change right before your eyes. Try as hard as you might, your looks will not remain the same. They will lose a step to age. No one can march against time. And the struggle with who you see in the mirror is just as futile. The time of our lives changes, time-space does not. For time is space and space is time.

You must attract that person who you want to be.

You fool no one when you try to hide, and there is no cover-up to make up for the difference. It is how you think and how you think leads the way to what you do next. To change how you feel about yourself, you must change how you think about yourself.  You have done too much, though, when what you do cause you to look like who you are not. Even worse—to act the same. We can see you and so can you.

Here’s Looking at you
When you race against yourself, you can never win.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think

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