So You Would Do That

It Can Get Ugly


Persistence is the key to reaching the most worthwhile goals you set for yourself. Though, no matter the time spent on the task, you are not likely to succeed unless you are keenly aware of your strengths, and weaknesses. Above all, you must be realistic. And this is the reason many fall short—they are not telling the truth to themselves. They were aiming for a place they were not ready to reach.

There is another type of person who will use just about any means even when all the pluses and minuses, cost and benefits are added up they lose. But many don’t seem to care or understand for their happiness is just an illusion, there is no lasting satisfaction. For their goals are superficial and their thinking is disordered.

Yes, superficial for all they want to do is show off. Show off this show off that, as long as they can show off. Look at what I have, isn’t it pretty and yes this does include buying the affection of the male and females you see them with. Whereas without these show off things and the appearance of being well off they would be near invisible or so unattractive without their “adornments” the wives, the husbands, the girlfriends and boyfriends would be hanging on someone else’s arm.

How did they get these showy things, here is how they do it. Yes, some work and live an honest life while others will work or not and use credit, borrowing from others, lying and stealing and some will use even more unsavory means. They will sell their body and even worse, some will sell their very soul. When all you have to do is use the tools you have and be persistent. For far too many, that is too slow, it takes too long; I want it now.

The solution as in most of the things we do is first you must determine what tools are needed to achieve your goals and objectives. Only then will persistence take you to that place that you want to go. And if you want what you do not have, you first must have what you need to get what you want. If you do not you will not for it is not possible. Where there is a need, there is a way. If there is no way, there is no need. That is how life lives on, that it is the way it is meant to be.

You can only get there from here, from where you are not from where your mind might be taking you. It is how you think and how you think is how you will feel and how you feel will be how you will act.

Nothing is hard to do you just do not know how to do it yet.

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