The Mind is On The Loose and Out of Control

Your Mind and You Tug of War 3-9-16

How Do You Think Now

Blog Note 2-1-16When your mind is on the loose and out of control it will turn on you in the worst kind of way. Your mind should never be the one telling you what to do when what you hear is not the best thing for you. The mind is not your master, that role was created for you. It is best not to confuse the two. Your mind is not you and you are not your mind. You are your “Self” and your mind should be an extension of you (and is) when doing what it is supposed to do.

The mind—no matter what you may have heard—sole purpose is to help us with our thinking. Even to take over the role, when it is thinking as it should so that we can just be our Self and let life do what it does.

It is only when the mind tries to go out on its own and do all of your thinking for you that it is unpredictable. It wants to tell you when and what steps to take. This kind of disarrangement of the thinking hierarchy can only have its roots in the early years of your life; childhood in fact. It is not how we are designed to be; therefore, the cause of most of the trouble we all see.

It takes a mighty force to “misalign” the order of the thinking process. A dysfunctional and abusive childhood void of the nurturing needed to develop a positive self-image is the cause—total or in part. The result, and there can be no other, is disordered thinking that will not allow you to make the best decisions consistently. In fact, as you know, your decisions have only brought further hurt and pain to you and those who are in your vicinity. And yes, this message is for you to use or pass it on. And if it fits, do both.

Once the mind leaves its “mooring,” it is most difficult to realign with it again. One of the hardest tasks for anyone to do is to change how he or she thinks. And as we know, it is how you think.


The Messenger Sun Graffiti 2-21-16


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