Will You Yield to Temptation



Yield is just one sign. There are more—than I wish to count—laws, rules, and regulations to keep us from doing the wrong thing. Now think about that if you will. So it would seem that we are not that much different from nonhuman animals. We are not as civilized as we would like to think we are. Other animals are put in cages, and so are some of us. There are thousands of laws throughout the world with the sole purpose of keeping humans in line. Why would this be? Are we not supposed to be the higher-level thinkers of the animal world. If this is so, why do we need the police, the military, and other means of enforcement to keep us in check. Some among us break the law all the time, even when they know there could be punishment to follow.

Are we just wild by nature with an inclination to do the wrong thing?

Now, of course, there are no laws to regulate our relationship with each other: How we treat one another. You are my wife, but I am having sex with your “best friend,” is that right. You tell your husband that you are out with the girls when you are at the motel getting it on. I say to you that I love you when I know it is a lie. You act as if you are really feeling it when at the same time, you can hardly wait for him to roll off to his side of the bed. Your husband’s buddy cannot keep his eyes off your body parts. He does this every time your husband looks away. You enjoy his attention to the details of your assets. What are you going to do about it? Will you yield to temptation.


On your last trip to your friend’s house, you made sure to brush up against her husband, did that satisfy you enough, or do you need more. Did he say you are excused, or did he push back in silence, letting you know that he was thrilled by the touch. A casual acquaintance you had “noticed” tells you that she wants to be with you that her loins ache for you. And you are married, will you yield to temptation. Your boyfriend you care about in so many ways and want to be with cannot satisfy you in bed. Will you yield to temptation and be with someone else just for sex. You are out with the boys, and they want to go to the strip joint; you promised your wife you would not do this. Will you yield to temptation and go instead.

You will be tempted to do things you know are wrong by moral standards but feel right by our own. Do you yield to temptation, or do you deny yourself the pleasure of being who you are. The Creator put pain and pleasure of life here for us to decide. Some believe there should be no pleasure or there should be some type of on and off switch. No such control was included when we were created, for pain and pleasure are part of who we are. And pleasure is what we seek because it feels better than pain. That is why it is so difficult, and not natural, not to yield to certain temptations. The Creator chose desire to make sure that the life of his creation would continue to be. It could not happen with pain. Pain’s purpose is to tell us that not all is well.

We are animals, yes, you heard what I said, and we are human.

When we deny ourselves the pleasures of life, all that is left is pain. Now I ask you, will you yield to temptation?



Even the feelings of love and hate struggle against the seduction of desire. You can “feel” love for one and desire another just as you can feel hate for one that you desire. If you have thought it, you know it. If not yet, you will. A true sign is when the heart race and the pulse quickens with just the thought of the object of your desire. And when in the presence of the one, the body is triggered, feelings swell and pulsate to the rhythm playing in your mind. And at that moment, no one knows but you.

We did not make it the way that it is. It is in us. The great taboo is no taboo at all. The Creator created us—that when stimulated—to have strong feelings and to be desirous of each other. The hands of nature hold the switch. You can turn your back on desire. Though, each time it will turn you back around. It is not a sin. It would not be as strong if it were wrong. We cannot erase it. However, you must maintain control of your feelings and how you think them. There should never be a time when you do not.

Of course, as with all things in life, there is a time and place if it is to be a time and place. You do not have to act on desire, but to pretend will not change how you feel. There is no human power or words that can change this. So let no one tell you that you should not feel what you do, for they desire as well. It matters not their role or title that they hold. Do not, though, confuse temptation with desire: They are not the same.




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