Happiness Is What You Think

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Blog Note 2-1-16

It Is How You Think

You say you are happy, and someone says to you, how can this be. Oh, you are happy with less, I see. Only you can measure happiness for you and I for me. So let no one try to tell you how you feel, for they cannot.

You must seek for those things that you want to find rarely will they find you. First—though—you must know if you need what you think you want. No one is perfect, but you can be perfect in what you choose to do. What is perfect for one may not be for another.  And for sure, do not buy into the “no one is perfect” mantra for it is not to be perfect, it’s to be perfect in what you do. What else could be your goal? To be less than perfect.

You should not lose your Self in anything, and this you would not do unless there is something from long ago that is still bothering you. You cannot think clearly until you make your way back to you. Taking a step away from “The Self” is not the way to go. And this you would only do when something has gotten the best of you. But, you say that you are happy, and I believe every word is true; therefore, the words you listen to here are not for you.

Here is what those who want to live a life of happiness—much like you—need to do. They have to change how they feel, and to change how you feel, you must change how you think. The barrier to happiness has its roots in a dysfunctional childhood. You cannot live in the past, so why should you let the past live in you. The memories will not let you be happy for any period of time without playing tricks with your mind to bring you back down. There are a number of ways that any one of us may sabotage our happiness. And chief among them is if you cause those around you to be unhappy because of how you act. Now, this is sure to keep your happiness at a distance.

To some degree, most of us have at one time, or another let thoughts from the past threaten our serenity. It is how we think our thoughts. And some thoughts are not worthy of your time. Happiness is where you want to liveit should be your permanent home. Others may come to visit, they can bring some happiness with them, but you should not let them take any of yours away.

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