Disordered Thinking

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose

Blog Note 2-1-16

It is How You Think

Do not listen to a disordered mind and let it tell you what to do. It matters not if it is your mind and your way of thinking or that of someone else. If what is said or done to you and what you tell yourself makes you uncomfortable and ill at ease you and your mind are where you should not be. One important thing to keep in mind is that no one can make you feel any way other than how you wish. That is unless you have given them permission to do so. And this is clear to them by how you treat yourself. They “see” you, you do not. And this is a true example of “they see you coming before you get there.” Your reputation has indeed preceded you.

How you think is how you will act and when how you think is disordered, there is something wrong with what you have to think about. You are insecure about who you are, or should I say who you think you are. You are better than you think. When you think how you do, you will see yourself build your life and the things you care about up and then tear them down. This is the way you think your thoughts. You will do this without fail. It is a pattern that does not change. That is, until you change. You have to change your way of thinking. When you do not think right, what you do will not be right. All wrong things come with a price. This is so even when you will not allow yourself to acknowledge the cost.

When your thinking is disordered it can and often does, cause hypersensitivity. No one—even those relatives and friends who care about you—wants to stand close to the “flame.” Few if any one of them will say they do not want to be scorched, but it is what most of them is thinking. But some who would rather come near will not for fear of being upset. When you change how you think, how others treat you will change as well. You know the pain of living with how you think and just how hard it is living with what is going on in you.

When how you think is disordered and how you act is known well before you are seen as you move through your life you are not soon to realize it. When things are not right, we look at all the other places, first, for an answer. Though one thing that is for sure, we will not harm ourselves with full knowledge of what we are doing. It goes against the first law of nature. That is growth and survival. And to grow you must be strong. You have to believe it to see it. What do you believe?

For each one of us, there are things that we should never do. If what you do cause a problem, then the problem starts with you. Most things can be done—it depends on how you do them. You should never do anything in a way that will bring harm to you. You may not see it for harm has many faces. It will hold you back when you could be going forward and have you rushing in when still is what you should be. To change your mind, you have to change how you think.

Once you know better, you will do better. Have you ever heard someone say, “he/she knows better than that.” No matter what we may think, when a person knows better they will do better. You and I may think they should know, but that does not mean they do. You cannot do wrong when you know better. It is not possible, just as you cannot think of two things at the same time. Which is on par with no two objects can occupy the same space.


The Messenger Sun Graffiti 2-21-16



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