Month: September 2015

Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have It

Yes, Emotional Intelligence can be taught and is being taught, though not enough. It should be taught in all schools here and other countries as well. I am and have been an advocate for this kind of teaching and thinking for some time now.… Continue Reading “Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have It”

Fat Shaming Hurts More Than Your Feelings

You may say it is wrong to be discriminated against just because you are overweight, and you would be right but that does not prevent it from happening. And it is quite hard to prove that you did not get that job or apartment… Continue Reading “Fat Shaming Hurts More Than Your Feelings”

Where Do You Find Your Happiness


We must seek for those things that we want to find rarely will they find us. First; though, you must know if you need what you think you want. None of us are perfect but we can do perfect things. What is perfect for… Continue Reading “Happiness”

To Be Me

What More Is Life

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