Fat Shaming Hurts More Than Your Feelings


You may say it is wrong to be discriminated against just because you are overweight, and you would be right but that does not prevent it from happening. And it is quite hard to prove that you did not get that job or apartment because you are fat.

There is one sure way that you can address this if you are overweight, and that is to begin living a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. At this point is when you ask yourself if you have ever treated someone differently because of his or her weight, of course you have, who hasn’t. Not saying that it is right, for it is not, and it surely does not add to the well-being of the person on the receiving end.

As harmful as this may be it does not do the damage that being turned down for a job just because you are overweight does. This is; though, one of the only forms of discrimination that you can change. You cannot change your race, gender (until recently) or orientation it has been said but you can lose weight.


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