How Much Time Do You Have

Time is What You Have
Time is What You Have

for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one… 

Albert Einstein


Time is like the wind you cannot see, we only see what it does. Do we really know what time it is?

What is it that makes time so important? Why do we speak about it like no other. There are times what we say about time does not make sense. It is time, your time, my time, what time is it, now is the time. You will not know when it is time do a thing until it is done. How many times have you said it is time and it was not? If it has become reality then it was the time. One thing for sure, we live for time. Without it, there would be no space for things to go. Time is space. And all things that exist do so in space. There has to be room to exist. Space was here when we arrived. We are the occupiers. We do not touch space, we only move around in it. We live when it is given.

Time, as we know it, is a concept of “man.” And there are many who cut their time short. You would certainly think so when you look at some of the things that people do.

Time Is What Space Is

No matter what time it is time does not change. What happens in the space of time does. Time is not changing, we are. This is what I believe. For you and me, it is personal. It starts for each of us when we are created by our parents and is not shared. You cannot lend nor can you borrow time. And your time is the only time you will have. More time will not be given when you have no more. Time, though, is just not as important as what you do with it. When you think of the time that you have, the first thing you should think of is what you are going to do with it. What is just as important, is how you feel while you are doing it. To get the most from the time you have been given, you must understand what it is and how to use it wisely. The longer it takes to know what to do the less time you have to do it. Because for sure, we will not get it back. Our life moves on even when our mind does not. You can “live” in the past. You can never be there.

There are two kinds of time in my way of thinking. It is the time that was given to each of us—our own time—and universal time/space, which is the greatest of all; it was created. It does not change. What I am saying maybe more clear if it is thought of in terms of the world, at least, as we now know it to be. There are seven world time zones. The United States uses nine standard zones. Therefore, the question is, what time is the right time? With every area of the world having its own time zones, how can you know what time it is. Neither of them is correct when next to the other. Time that can change is invented by man. It is never the same and is not correct. The time that is, which is the time of nature, will always be. If we had the power over the nature of time, what would we do with it, where would we put it? Would we add a little here, take a little there? For sure, it would be the last step to the end. Wars would be fought over it, it would be stolen, and some would lie, cheat and steal to get more of it. Those with no power would get none.

You should not make your decisions based on time. Time will not do a thing on its own. Decide what you want to do, then make time to do it. This should be the order of how you decide. No matter how much time you have, if you do not know what you are going to do with it, you will not know how much you need. What matters is how you are going to fill the space. If you bake a cake for the required time but use the wrong ingredients, you will not get the cake that you want. What you would have, then, is a cake you cannot eat and time you no longer have. This time was your time. Let us take a look at nature’s time. In a room there are things, they come and go, some are added some are removed. It makes no difference what time these things are moved or changed, the space does not. Time is space. And there is a time for all things.

What clock do you watch to know what time it is?

The segment of time was born by us. The clock on the wall has less to do with the outcome than what we do. The concept of our view of time was imposed on us by us. All things live by the time and will of nature. Though we are the ones’ who live by the clock. We do need it to keep things in order. Just to know why we are where we are at all times. It is a means to know the ebb and flow of life. On a whole, it is a way to monitor and control how and when things are done. It is one of the things a society must do.

A system of time for each of us starts to tick when we are conceived. This is when life starts. There is a time to be born, a time to live and a time to move on. Once we are, there is a time for all things. We do not know the future. We do live for the promise. We do not control time. We do have control of how we live our life. Time does not change things happen. It will be the same no matter the clock on the wall. Time is whole,  as it is with space. We will not divide it. There is but one time and it is the same all the time. It is life, it is nature, and it is one.

We may ask much of time, but time does not give. The question asked most, is for more. Time will not answer. It gives not to what we have to say. It stands still, though we do not. We cannot stop it, slow it down or speed it up. Nor can we waste it. The thing that we can do with time is live it. When there is no more time, there is no more to live. We do not start it over. Time goes on our time does not. We should live our time. We cannot get it back once it is gone. Time for all things was here before us and shall be when we are gone. It will be for all time. It is the only thing out of all things that we can depend on. If all things are removed, what is left is the space of time. There is never a void in time. It has been full from the start. In the beginning, there was space for all things.

We are the master of the time we have. Each of us has been blessed with a lifetime. All lives are one. No two are the same. Not one breathes the same breath. When we can, we decide what to do with our lives. This tells the type of life we will have and the path we will follow. As straight as this may be, there are many who do not understand this simple truth. They still try—but can never succeed—to live their lives for and through others. The only thing that you do when you do this is live your time away. Live it, do not live it away. Our time is the only time we have. Do not say I cannot do it for me, I will let someone else do it. No one can do for you what only you can do for yourself.

We never know how much time we have to use the time we have. Time should always be put to its best use. When you do not know what to do next, do what you know now. Your next step should never be rushed or forced. We can never breathe the next breath. It is not for us to know it all. It is for us to know what we need to know. The time of man is not precise. When a thing will be can never be known. Just as it can never be known when it will not. All that we can do is plan. The future is not ours to know. It can be over just when we think we do. Not a thing that was created not to be changed can be changed. The existence of life is one of them. If this is not so, who would turn off the lights after we know how and there is no more to see. It is not within our reach. We Humans did not create life. We were created by it to create, a life. The nature of life will not be changed by us. It is not for us to do. We are still learning how to think.

We will be learning about how we think and the workings of the brain as long as there is the power of thought. There can be no end. Just as it is with life, there will always be much left to learn. It would be a lofty goal to want to know why there is life. To think we can know this is reveals a great deal, about how we think. And it is a road with no end, as well. We are yet to discover why one would take a life. Just to indicate how far we are from these great feats, researchers who study the brain are still trying to figure out why we sleep. Sleep, a thing that seems so basic to know. We have dreams and no one knows why. Time is what we need and we know we have that. What we do not and will not know, is how much.


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