You Can’t Think That

Capacity of Thought

Capacity to Think

Our brains have the same makeup, but different—as we are—in what it can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit on the thoughts that we have. It is not the same for any of us. It depends on what we have in our world to think about. We will not have a thought about a thing we know not a thing about. There are no equal rights of thought. We do have the sole privilege to think the thoughts that we have. And that is with no known limit. Now, of course, we cannot all be an Einstein.

The world we live in is the thing that determines our thoughts. Our thoughts come to life based on what we perceive of our world. We are taught how to think. We learn from the many teachers in our life. Then we try it on our own. We decide what to think and that can only be based on what we are aware of that exist. What no one can do is think for you—though they try—because no one can know your thoughts. Your thoughts belong to you. We think based on what we know about; what we are aware of.What we do with it once we know has much to do with how we receive it. There is no limit, but not all thinking is the same. If you want more or different thoughts to think, you have to open your world to more things. People, places and things you have not known or tried before. When you do not, you will continue to think what you have always thought.

When I say to think a thought, what I mean is, thought and thinking are not always the same. A thought is just a thought until you think it. You cannot think of a thing until you have a thought about that thing. And our thoughts are based on how we perceive what we see, hear and feel. A thought just is until it is not. Think of a thought as being inert, not doing a thing from when we have it, until we think of what we want to do with it. The time between the two is quick. There is no way to measure. We are yet to know when someone has a thought or what they are thinking. And there is good reason we do not. We know them by what they say and do. We were not given the ability to read minds.

Thought is not only what you had. It is also, what you have. You thought and you have a thought. It is what you have thought, and what you have to think. A thought cannot be forced. To try to do so is called thinking. Once we have a thought, either we think it or it moves to our memory. It will not be undone. It is the same as it is with life. The life we have lived cannot be changed; it is what it is, forever. What exist to us is all we know. And we decide what we are going to do with it. Think about this.

Say you are walking down a long and winding road and along the way, you meet me. You will have a thought based on your perception of me. This is the first thing that will happen. You will then think about us. If you like what you see, you just may proceed; though, with caution.

If you do not feel safe, you may go in another direction. Or you may not have strong feelings either way. No matter how you feel, your feelings will be based on what you think. And you will act according to how you feel. We perceive, have a thought, we think, we feel we act. That is the course of an action process, as I believe it to be.

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