Month: May 2012

Is Your Life What You Think It Is

What Did You Expect  When our mind tells us what we are looking for is somewhere else, we will not see it where it is. Likewise, you will not know what a thing is if you are expecting it to look one way and… Continue Reading “Is Your Life What You Think It Is”

Self Control Does More Harm Than Good

Self Awareness Is To Understand Who You Are You will not hide your true feelings for long. Some try to do so by self-control. This is not the answer. It takes an effort that pits your mind against your own Self to do so.… Continue Reading “Self Control Does More Harm Than Good”

Excuse Me What Did You Say

You Distracted Me and Disrupted What I Was Thinking Remind Me Later There are reasons why we let things distract us. This is if we know it or not. When a thing distracts us, it can be good or it could be bad. It… Continue Reading “Excuse Me What Did You Say”

What Does Love Mean to You

Love Does Not Hurt Many of us are confused by the thought of love and easily fall prey to its allure. When you are weak, the sound you hear may not be so clear. You hear what you want to hear and see what… Continue Reading “What Does Love Mean to You”

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