What Does Love Mean to You

Feel It
The Heart or The Mind

Love Does Not Hurt

Many of us are confused by the thought of love and easily fall prey to its allure. When you are weak, the sound you hear may not be so clear. You hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see, not always what you should. You cannot love someone who does not love you. How could you. That is not how true love works—this is what I believe.

If hurt comes to you from what I do, what I have for you is not love. And what you have for me it is not what it is thought to be. There are many things that love is not, and only one that it is. There is no substitute for where love should be. You cannot buy it, you cannot sell it and you cannot create it on your own. The source has to be compatible with the need. You must feel love for you, to love me. You cannot be in love when you do not think it, feel it and act it. No matter if you say it again and again it does not make it so.

To love what hurts you cannot be love. You do not hurt the one you love, and you cannot love the one who hurts you. The things we lead ourselves to believe have no end. Love does not hurt.  When love is not there, the place where it should be will not be left empty. Hurt will fill its place.

Who are we when we shed our garments and our “face?” It is we. I will not be true in what I do, if you are not true in what you do, to me. If I think I love you, and you have not told the truth, then my love is a lie.


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