Excuse Me What Did You Say


You Distracted Me and Disrupted What I Was Thinking

Remind Me Later

There are reasons why we let things distract us. This is if we know it or not. When a thing distracts us, it can be good or it could be bad. It all depends on our thoughts. If a thing distracts you when you have good thoughts, it is not good. If a thing distracts you, when your thoughts are not good it is a good thing. What you do next makes the difference. When we find a thing to be attractive to us, a connection has been made. It is by way of a preference that we have. And it is a thing we like that has a strong pull. You must decide what it means to you. Our preferences are based on how we view the wants in our life. They are subject to change as our mind does.

What distracts some the most is when they think of what others might think of them. Then they try to change things about themselves. They try to change how they look, how they dress and how they do what they do. A Change in makeup will not change who you are. The Self is your makeup. It is the soul of a person, it is who you are and it does not change. New makeup is not what you need. An overhaul of how you think and how you feel is what you need. How we feel will change how we act and view the world around us.

Let how you act be the face that you show the world. Do not let how you look speak for you. It is only meant to be a compliment to who you are. Makeup and a getup will not keep you up. When how you act does not match your inner Self, it creates pressure. You have to try to act the way you look. The Self can only come out when the outside is in. How you feel, then, depends on how you look and it grows with time. It is how you think that does not allow you to be the real you. We have done too much when what we do cause us to act and look like who we are not.

There are things that disrupt the flow of our thoughts. We rather they did not. They do not distract from what we do, these things disrupts what we are doing. Disrupt and distract are not the same. They are not of equal magnitude. One is merely being interfered with. The other is to have your attention drawn away from what you are doing. Then there is a reminder, which can be useful and serve a good purpose when still needed. But when not can be a disruption. It depends on if it was turned on when it should have been turned off. This will happen when we let ourselves be reminded still, when we no longer need to be. Does not matter what you are doing; “turn it off” when there is no longer a need. An example would be if you left the alarm on when you have no reason to get up.

On a more serious note is when we allow ourselves to be reminded of things long past that serve no useful purpose in our life today. A memory from our childhood can be one of them. Though, I have found that a reminder is just what you need when you want to make sure to remember.


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2 Comments on “Excuse Me What Did You Say

  1. Thank you, do with it what you will. Never let anyone, or thing, be the focus of your attention when it should be you. This is not to your best interest nor is it to theirs. There can be no winners. And the one who will lose the most will be you. Wellbeing comes from within you.

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