Is Your Life What You Think It Is

The Face
You See What You Think You See

What Did You Expect 

When our mind tells us what we are looking for is somewhere else, we will not see it where it is. Likewise, you will not know what a thing is if you are expecting it to look one way and it does not. And, yes, as I am sure most of you have come to know, it can be this way with people. There are things that exist that we do not see. We cannot see what we do not know. How would we know it when we saw it? An open mind wants to know. There is never so little time that we have no time to learn.

There are times when we may think wistfully of the past and entertain in our mind what is going to happen in the future. This is an urge to be where it is not possible for us to be. One time has passed and the other is yet to come. The mind is focused where it should not. We can only get there from here, not from where the mind is. There is not a thing the mind can do without you. We should focus on that part of our life we can do something about, today is the day. What we can do for the future is face it. For the past, we have what we have done. We learn from it.

The more we think of the past and future the less time we have to think of the present. Do not concern yourself with time you no longer have and a place you will not be. We should do what we can with the only time we have. Time for the past is no more. The future when we get there will be the present. We should not use the time we have where there is no measure. We travel with time not past it. Nor can we go back to it. Our mind can go there, but we cannot.

The best way to reach our goals is by a step, by step process. There are only three different steps you can take to get there. They are the first, next and last. Going backwards will not get you there, unless you then go forward. And going sideways will only keep you on the level that you are on. You take the three steps to make it to where you are going a step at a time until you get to where you want to go. This way you know how to do it and it will serve you well to reach your next goal. When you do not do all the things you should do, to do what you want to do, what you do will not be enough. Any step skipped leaves a void and you will not be certain how you got to where you are. And it is a place where you could easily fall. There is no you would know all that it takes to get the job done. You can only get there from here. It can be done no other way. The distance to our goals is not as important as the steps we take to get there. How we think our thoughts is what decides the path that we take in our life.

When you think you have done all you can and know to do to be all that you can be there is more thinking to do. I describe this as not knowing your full strength and worth. How can you ever know how much more you have to give? You cannot. It is simple; though, some of us will not see it because we are not willing to believe. We can learn if we listen. You have to listen to learn and learn to listen. Now, what do you believe? Are you listening to the words that you read. If you are not, you must learn how to listen and listen to learn to know what your world is telling you. You have to listen to what you read if you want to “think,” what you read. Listen to what is said to you and listen to your Self. When we are born, we do not know how to listen. It is an acquired skill. You first hear, and then you listen. When we listen, we feel the sound of our thoughts.

To hear is not to listen. It is not the same. It takes no effort to hear. This is if you want to or not. To hear is one of the senses. It is there by nature and has no on and off switch. To listen is not a sense it is a skill. If you want to listen, it must be what you want to do.

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