Thinking About Thinking

Thinking A Good Thought

You do not know how good a thought is until you know how good it was. Thoughts keep the mind busy and give it what it needs to think. Thinking is what you have to do before you act. You may say that you were not thinking when you did what you should not have done, but that is not possible. It may be that you did not think long enough or did not have the right thoughts to think and, therefore, did the wrong thing.

Regret and disappointment are just two examples of what can happen when you do not think your thoughts through—there can certainly be more severe consequences. We think for a reason. The reason is our thoughts. Not all thoughts are good for you to think. A thought of things that—if acted on—would do harm is one of them.

Once you have a thought, do not try to pretend you did not, even though it is a thought that is unpleasant to think about. You must place the thought where it now belongs without thinking another thought about it. And that place would be your memory. The best way to do that is to have better thoughts to think. This could mean, and usually does, that you have to change what your thoughts are based on. The substance of our thoughts comes from our perception of what is in our world, what is around us—all that is within reach of the mind and imagination—the people, places, and things in our lives.

u have a thought based on your perception, and perception—simply put— is how we view our world, be it near are far away. If you are aware of it, it is in your “environment.” We can only have thoughts or think about those things we are aware of. If you don’t know about it, you cannot think about it.

Thinking Is Not The Problem

If you feel a certain way and you rather not, you have to change how you think by having different thoughts to think. You either have something else to think about, or you must change your perception of what is in your world to think. You have to change your mind. For if you do not, you will continue to live your life as you have always done; misconceiving, making premature moves, and devising unworkable solutions to perceived problems.

When how you think is causing a problem with how you feel and act, it is time for a change. This could mean a change in your relationship with others, or you may need to change where you work or live. It is difficult to change how you think when your thinking comes from your perception of how you are treated where you work, live, or sleep. Yes, some or all of these could be the change that you need. There is one thing for sure; you can only have thoughts about the things you have to think about, which would be those things that are a part of your life.

You will not be running away. Instead, you will be moving closer to your Self. For it is how you think. And how you think is how you will act.

Thinking Black Magic Woman

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