Time and The Human Mind—Then There is Space


Time we cannot see; we are only aware of changes that occur in the space of time. Do we truly know what time it is.

What is it that makes time so important? Why do we speak about it like no other? There are times what we say about time should come with an explanation. It is time, your time, my time, what time is it, now is the time. And let us not forget, I do not have time for this. What do you have time for when the only thing of value that is our own is our time. Let no MAN take away from your time and your existence—your life. And yes, I say, man, for it will be men if we let them. Or even worse, women trying to emulate men.

Each one of us is the caretaker of our time. There is no material wealth that should take on more importance than our time. Nor should any person, whether near or far. There is one person with that power, and that person is you. No mortal Man has that power unless you relinquish it to him. And just how much sense would that make—none.

Time is space and Space is time. And all things that exist occupy Space. There was space for us from conception. That space was in our Mother’s womb. We arrived in time, and we have lived and are living our time, for now. No human being has the authority to take that away. Please, do not let them think they do. We are now thinking what we had up until now thought was unthinkable by many. I am not one of them. We are not living in a movie. This is real time—yours and mine.


When how you think is disordered, how you act will reflect this way of thinking. A person or any other entity will not soon realize it, for it is how they think. And one of the hardest changes to make is to change how you think. First, you must convince yourself that the change is precisely what you should do. When things are not right, we first look at all the other places for an answer. But those who are willing to listen will realize that their answer is the one not working. A closed mind is a symptom of a road to nowhere. The road is littered with fossils of the past.

For sure, though, none of us would harm ourselves with full knowledge of what we are doing. It goes against the first law of nature. That is growth and survival. There is no surviving what your elected leaders have in store for you. Are you going to act in time, or is this the end? What a price to pay. Up in smoke or, more appropriately, nuclear fallout. Civilizations have come and gone. We are not the first and will not be last. Only the last of our kind.


The actions and behaviors of “news makers,” both in public and private, that result in adverse outcomes originate and have their roots in early childhood. You do not make decisions that will cause harm to your Self and others and the very source of your existence if not for dysfunction in the family setting and possible mental defects passed from one generation to the next. It is not in the water; it is in the DNA.


“First God made heaven & earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening, and there was morning, one day.”

All things that come into time and space with life will depart—when there is no more of this life to live. It will be a new day, a new place, and another time. There is space for all to fit. To yonder, we will go.

Time, as we know it, is a concept of “man.” And many cut theirs short by how they live their life: the things they say and do. And they do this not realizing how little time they have. They do this, of course, because of how they think and how they think when they think this way is disordered. When you act in ways that hurt you, you are hurting inside, and there is where it hurts the most. And each time that hurt is acted out, it takes from the time you have to be yourself.


When you think of your time, you should first think about what you will do with it. What is just as important is how you feel while you are doing it. To get the most from you have, you must understand what it is and how to use it wisely. The longer it takes to know what to do with it, the less time you have to do it. Because for sure, you will not get it back.



The clock on the wall has less to do with the outcome than the actions we take and what we do. Time will be the same no matter the clock on the wall. It is whole, as it is with space. We will not divide it. There is but one time, and it is the same all the time. The concept of our view of time was imposed on us by us. All things live by the rhythm of nature. However, we are the ones who live by the clock. We do—though—need the means to measure what we do and when we do it to keep our lives in order. To know why we are where we are at all times.

On the whole, a clock or any instrument to measure time is a way to know when or not. A means to measure the times of our lives is one of the things a society must have to maintain order. Otherwise, it would be utter chaos. So, you cannot build a society without it.

If we had the power over the nature of time, what would we do with it, where would we put it? Would we add a little here, take a little there? For sure, it would be the “final step” to the end. Wars would be fought over it. It would be stolen, and some would lie, cheat and steal to get more of it. Those with no power would get none.


  • CAN YOU EAT it

You should not make your decisions based on time. It will not accomplish a thing on its own. Decide what you want to do, then make good of your time to do it; this should be the order of how you decide. No matter how much you have, if you do not know what you are going to do with it, you will not know how much you need. What matters is how you are going to fill the space. If you bake a cake for the required time but use the wrong ingredients, you will not get the cake you want. Then, you would have a cake you cannot eat, and time you no longer have. This was your time.

Let us take a look at God’s time, which does not change. You add or remove items from a room. It makes no difference when you move these things, the space does not. No matter what you do or when you do it, the space remains the same other than its content.


We may ask much of time, but it does not give. The question asked most is for more. Time will not answer. It is closed to and does not hear what we have to say. It stands still to infinity. We cannot stop it, slow it down or speed it up. Nor can we waste it. The thing that we can do with time is live what we have doing the very best for you. When there is no more time, there is no more to live. We do not start it over. It goes on; our time on this planet does not. So, live it. You cannot get it back once it is gone. Let no one lead you astray.


Time for all things was here before us and shall be when we are gone. It is the only thing out of all things that we can depend on. Remove all things that exist—what is left is the space. There is no void in space, for the “Almighty” created it for life: We are here, and so is the rest of all that exists. It has been complete from the start when God created it. In the beginning, there was space for all things. All we are aware of, which does not amount to much, and the much that we are unaware of and do not have the vision to see. We must have the vision to see beyond what our mind has not been able to imagine before. It is perfectly natural to follow the leader as long as they lead in the right direction. Death and destruction are not right. I will not die for you and your interests. The leaders are not God.

We are the master of the life we have. Each of us has one to live. All lives are single. There is no plural life. We have one life to live, and no two are the same. Not one breathes the same breath. When we can, we decide what to do with our lives. It tells the type of life we will have and the path we will follow. As straight as this may be, many do not understand this simple truth. They still try—but can never succeed—to live their lives for and through others. Some even assign their thinking responsibilities to others, the leaders, those you have chosen to follow. That is not good; just the thought is bad. The only thing you do when you do this is live your life being a “parrot,” repeating the words that someone—someone you think is wiser than you—put in your mouth and doing the old monkey see monkey do. Self-interest will always be there for them. The only question, which is not much of a question, is how much interest will be left for you.

Your time is the only time you have. Do not say I cannot do it for me. I will let someone else do it. No one can do for you what only you can do for yourself. Do not let them think they can.

We never know how much time we have to use what we have. So, you should always use your time wisely. When you do not know what to do next, do what you know now. Never rush or force your next step. We can never breathe the next breath. It is not for us to know it all. It is for us to understand what we need to know. The time of man is not precise. You can never know, with confidence, what will happen next. All we can do is plan. The future is not ours to know. It can be over just when we think we do.


God created it not to be changed; it cannot be changed. The existence of life is one of them. If this is not so, who would turn off the lights after we know how to do it our way, and there is no more to see. It is not within our reach. We will not change the nature and makeup of life. It is not for us to do. Humans did not assign the roles for our species, and we cannot reassign them. But we can destroy what we have that until now was more than enough. You are not God.



time to learn how to think

We will be learning about how we think and the workings of the brain as long as there is the power of thought. There can be no end. Just as it is with life, there will always be much left to learn. It would be a lofty goal to want to know why there is life. To think we can know this reveals a great deal about how we think. And it is a road with no end, as well. We are yet to discover why one would take a life. To indicate how far we are from these incredible feats, researchers who study the brain are still trying to figure out why we sleep. Sleep: a thing that seems so basic, and they do not know. We have dreams, and no one knows why.

Time is what we need, and we know we have that. What we do not and will not know is how much. Even if you try being God and ending it yourself.

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