Are You Strong Enough

The Tree Did Not Stop Growing and Neither Should You

When I say only the strong survive, what I mean is, only the strong know how to survive. You can be poor, sick, or disabled and know what you need to do to live. It is how you think as it is with all that we do. There are weak among the rich who are not strong enough to survive and they do not. You see it with the wealthy celebrities, politicians, sports figures, and industry leaders. Wealth nor poverty are the determinant factors in how strong a person is.

You can survive with little just as you can live with a lot. It is how you think that determines your walk through life. No matter the hand you were dealt. And you certainly do not have to stay weak if you find yourself there. But one thing for sure, which at first most might not understand is that you must have the weak to have the strong just as you must have up do have down and left to have right. Without opposites, there could be no life.


Here You Are Free to Say What You Think

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