Our Brain Much the Same How We Use it Makes the Difference

The Control Center


The Grey Matter That Matters

From the beginning to the end there is nothing involuntary about life. The brain tells the body what to do and when the body can longer function the brain cannot survive and life shuts down. There is nothing that the body does that the brain does not tell it to.

For every action, there is a stimulus, no matter what you may have learned in school. You have to want to live to live.

The power of the brain is what guides our lives. It is the first organ to grow from the seed of life. The foundation for the brain is set early. Three weeks after conception, a sheet of embryonic cells called the neural plate folds and fuses into the neural tube. This tissue will become the central nervous system. The brain’s “master” role is evident by nature. Encased by the skull bone, it is our most protected organ and is the command center for all of our actions. What some of us fail to realize—at times—is that it provides us with all we need to do our own thinking. “Use your head.”

The brain is made up of physical parts and gives the mind to you and it never forgets what you do. It records every single thing that occurs in our environment—our world. If you know about it so does your brain. You do well to remember this when you think a thought for it is recorded in your memory and your memory is there in the brain. There is no erase button on board to be used.

As much as is known about how the brain works very little is known about what the brain can do. I think that there is no way we will understand all there is to know. That is because it is not meant to be. To know it all is not to exist. There would be nothing left to know or do.

Our brains have the same makeup, but different—as we are—in what it can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. As long as there is the power of thought, we will be learning about how we think, and the workings of the brain. There can be no end. Just as it is with life, there will always be much left to learn. The end of thought means there is no more. Life, as we know it is over. The brain no longer works. It is dead. You have to listen to learn and learn to listen. I am telling you this, are you listening now?

Be sure to feed your brain with the food of knowledge. Do not be the reason for your brain to die.




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