Rob-Steal-Kill (Rape)


The Animal in Us

Humans are no more civilized than other animals, in fact, there is no limit to the damage that an upright walking animal will do. Force is the thin line that protects us from ourselves and each other. There must be laws, rules and regulations to keep us from destroying the very things that we depend on to keep us alive. Now that is worth thinking about. We are not that much different from nonhuman animals. We are not as civilized as we would like to think we are. Other animals are put in cages, and so are an ever-increasing number of human animals. And there are many more that needs to be rounded up.

There are thousands of laws throughout the world with the sole purpose of keeping people in line. Why would this be if the human being is so wise and intelligent. Are we not supposed to be the higher-level thinkers of the animal world? If this is so, why do we need the police, the military and all the various other means of enforcement just to keep us humans in check. Laws are broken all the time, even when we know there could be punishment to follow. Are we just wild by nature with an inclination to do the wrong thing? No, really, what do you think. Human—WomanMan

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