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I Believe Therefore I See



You first must know, and then you must realize that you know. You no doubt have heard it before, but here it is again. “When you know better, you will do better.” And not to worry, you will know when because you will be able to do it then. Nothing is hard to do, you just do not know how to do it yet.

Always try to do good with what you know for what you learn in return will help make the good you do, better. One of the rules of nature is to do no harm to the Self; your Self, if you do harm to others that is just what you do to you. If you do, you can never be your true Self, the person who you were created to be. You do not have to do or say a thing, but when you do, say and do the right thing.

The right thing done the wrong way will not succeed, just as the wrong thing cannot be done right. You can be right, though look as if you are wrong by those who are not right. It does not mean that you are wrong, and they are right, they are still wrong. You should let no one turn you away from what you know is right. There is no “little white lie” no shades or degrees of right and wrong. Let there be no confusion, right is not wrong and wrong is not right. When what you do and say is right, you do not have to prove it, just live it.

You are the one to decide what is right or wrong for you. As we all must do, you have to live with what you decide. When you have done the right things, it does not mean all of the right things are done. Trying to do the right thing is good. To do it is better. You must put forth the effort until all things that can be done right, are so done. You will have the tools to do this if you “listen” to what you read.

You can be caught in a lie, and doing the wrong thing. It is not the same with the truth and you do not have to prepare to tell that which is true. If you do, you are not telling the truth. It is a lie that you do. How can you do a thing wrong when you know how to do it right? You cannot. When you know right from wrong, good from bad you will do the right thing. It is only when you don’t know—even if you think that you do—that you will. There is no exception.

How you feel and act will change as your thoughts change. There is no better time for change than when it is needed. Change will happen when you change how you think. This will change how you feel. When you feel better, you will change how you act and your life will change, as well. Our role in life is shaped by how we act. How you act will be known to those who know you. It is what others will use to judge you.

Some may say it is not all about me. Well, I say, it is. When it is about you, it is about us, all of us in some way. We all have the Self as the core of who we are. You get to know your Self by being yourself. How great it is to meet your Self for the first time. You should not let your life pass you by. Be happy to know who you are. This you have coming to you. When you are not happy, it shows.

There is no time or age limit to do better. It is not too early or too late. When you do not succeed as you think you should, there is more work to be done. Perfection in the things we do is a worthwhile goal for all of us to have. You are not wrong when you do. It is not a bad word. It is a Self, defined state of mind—it is personal. If not to be perfect, what then could be your goal? A thing less is less than your best.

We were created to decide the scope and reach of our lives. Observe your world well. And do when you can. There is much to be gained from each. Though, one should not take from the other. You should listen to learn. And learn to listen to what your world has to tell you. Do not run from what you should be running to, your Self. We can never run out of time, but each day is less time that you have. This is the personal time that we all have. You cannot share it, and you cannot get more when there is no more to live.

You must believe it to see it. When you see it, you will know. What do you believe?



Don’t Let it Happen to You



The aim of help should not be to keep you weak but to make you strong. Step away and refuse to hold hands with dependency for that is what it is when you stay too long. Of course, you do have to depend on life for what you need. It is one of the rules of nature. It is how we survive; it is the foundation of our existence. To depend on and being dependent on are not the same. One of these you must be and the other you should try to never be. If you do not have a mental or physical disability you should not be a dependent pass childhood. We do have to depend on others and age has less to with the time and level of need as does where you may be when the need arises.

There are things in life that must be as we expect them to be: sunrise in the morning moon light at night, water when we are thirsty and air to breathe and the ground beneath our feet. We depend on these things, as it should be. It is the same for you as it is for me. I see it as the purest form of equality. But when we look all around us what do we see. Some are strong and free while others have become dependent for reasons not so easy to understand when just passing by and not hearing the reason why. To be dependent on a person, place or thing is just another way to say, I quit. It shows there is no understanding of “Self,” and there is a void where confidence should be. These are the twin pillars—“Self” worth and confidence—of a successful life without which you will only struggle until they come in to view.

To rely on someone is not being dependent on that person and is something we all must do. But, when done too long it does more harm than good and you then are dependent and don’t know which way to go or what to do. It will not let you grow and you will not know friend from foe. Only if you see your “Self” will you be sure. I say this for you as I do for they, them and us.

Yes, dependency is the cause of much of the dysfunction in relationships, be they personal as in marriage and family, casual acquaintances or in business and employment. There will always be an imbalance where the “giver” holds the reins and without notice can take you in the direction that she or he wants you to go. The bit is in your mouth don’t you know. It is how you think.


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