It Has Been Great

(This was posted here to post to Facebook)

I must confess, I was thinking yesterday (Thursday) was Christmas and the day before was Christmas Eve. This thinking had gone on for several days leading up to today, Christmas. Well, this says more about my life than anything else I could say. I am not connected and that is not a good thing and from this day forward I am going to be changing that.

I have been living a rather reclusive (secluded) lifestyle without much contact with other people; certainly not on a personal level. For the past several years, or more, I have been laying the groundwork for the rest of my life and part of that was to use social media, which was the result of consultation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I stayed longer than I had planned for I had no idea what Facebook was all about and that it held a key to my past. There are no words to fully express how fortunate I feel that my path led me here.

Facebook is not human though, so I guess it is time, beginning the new year, that I refocus. It has been a nice ride and I have thoroughly enjoyed my friends’ posts but it is no substitute for real human contact. I have gathered, it seems, hundreds of pictures of many of my school mates, hometown folks, relatives and others I have come to know through the many hours that I have spent on Facebook. Thanks everyone for the good times. My mission has been accomplished. You will see me soon.


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