Month: February 2014

Not Just Because You Can

Say It and Mean It

It Is Because of You

This Is For You

And You Say That You Love Me

If the one that you thought you loved say it’s your problem, it is not love that you feel. And no one who is in love with you would speak those words. Where there is no sharing there is no love. When you love… Continue Reading “And You Say That You Love Me”

Who Do You Love

The Roads I Have Traveled

Where Do You Fit In (Do You Have Class)

All wealth is generated from the bottom of the human pyramid. You may find this hard to believe, even so, it is true. Money circulates by the buying of goods and services. So the most has to be purchased by those who buy the… Continue Reading “Where Do You Fit In (Do You Have Class)”

The Middle-Class Dream

I am re-posting this to emphasize as a sort of companion piece to yesterday’s post about the dwindling middle class.

Listen to This (With Your Mind)

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