Month: January 2014

Could This Be Your Reason


Be One to Have One

You Can Do More


The Color Line

Across The Tracks Book Manuscript Excerpt: Part I Chapter Eleven (Abbreviated) I Work Both Sides of The Tracks When left to itself, the mind has no power of its own; it is powered by the world in which it exists. There were times—though very… Continue Reading “The Color Line”

Are We Born to be Free

       Until Death Do Us Part Marriage comes with a contract—vows—that is as unnatural as marriage itself. It goes against the natural order of life. It is an unnatural coupling between two people who are different in a major way.  And it is the… Continue Reading “Are We Born to be Free”

Will You or Will You Not

                                                       You should try to say what you will do, not what you will not do. This includes saying what you will not do now. You should only say—if you feel you must—what you do not want to do. What you will try your… Continue Reading “Will You or Will You Not”

Self Control Does More Harm Than Good

Self Awareness Not Self-control You will not hide your true feelings for long. Some try to do so by self-control. This is not the answer. It takes an effort that pits your mind against your own Self to do so. Life is all about… Continue Reading “Self Control Does More Harm Than Good”

Well—There You Go Again

What Does Love Mean to You

You love me, I love you. Now what are we going to do.

Why Do You Do It

To Tell the Truth The more room you have to lie, the less room there is to tell the truth. It is said that all of us will tell a lie at some given time. It may seem that way to those who do. It… Continue Reading “Why Do You Do It”

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