Where Do You Fit In (Do You Have Class)

All wealth is generated from the bottom of the human pyramid. You may find this hard to believe, even so, it is true. Money circulates by the buying of goods and services. So the most has to be purchased by those who buy the most, and that would be the masses. And in this category, you have the lower and middle groups of earners. This includes the poor. The wealthy produces more wealth that very seldom trickle back down. There are a number of our institutions among this group that come to mind. One in particular is easy to recall if you think for a moment. Where ever you give up your money and see little to no return is a true example.

The working class/lower class  (http://news.msn.com/us/more-americans-identify-themselves-as-lower-class)supports the upper class. Without the base, there would be no pyramid, no wealth. As much as you may not want to think about it, with the system in place there has to be a worker/consumer class, and the means of production. But we are not all that different. Humans as well as other life organisms have a hierarchical system of existence. What you see today though, cannot continue. More and more the workers are in China, India and Mexico just to name a few countries. And the consumers are, you guessed it, here in USA.

The money class does not care where the base is, as long as it is there and low maintenance. Now do not get me wrong, money is good but not all will have it, for long, before it makes its way to the top. That is where you will have to be to keep it. Credit and from paycheck to paycheck will not do it. So, what does this all mean? I know what it means to me, only you can decide what it means to you. It takes a large base to support the top. Without the working class, who would do the work? What it all really means is that the working class and lower class is actually the same when it comes down to it. There is a thin line if any at all.

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