The End of The Male in The Female is Near Who Needs a Man Anyway

Again, I say, please do not take offense; I feel and write what I think. I realize not everyone will appreciate all of my words. So to you I say, first listen, not just hear, what you read. Take time to let it sink in, maybe come back to it and read it again, not just this blog, all of them. They all come from me and are all connected. I am the messenger; the words chose me.

It Is How You Think

The End of The Male in The Female is Near Who Needs a Man Anyway

When I focus on what appears to me to be an increasing trend, I cannot but conclude that there are a significant number of females of the human species who do not care very much for the warm and tender touch of a man. As I explained in my comment to the CNN online article below, this seeming desire to do without men has taken on the appearance of hate. Read on to see where all of this has taken us.

Reproduction without sex, a liberating future

By Aarathi Prasad, Special to CNN

updated 4:11 PM EST, Thu December 20, 2012

Editor’s note: Aarathi Prasad is a London-based biologist and science writer and the author of “Like a Virgin: How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex”.

(CNN) — Last year on…

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