The Birth of Hate ♦ In the Heart of Woman the Seed Did Grow

Here I write/talk about hate. Many of you may disagree because it goes against what you have come to believe. My intent is not to change your mind. It is to arouse your thinking, to stir up your emotions. What it is not, is to cause feelings of hate. Most of all, what I do want is for you to understand. Yes, it is long, so you may want digest it in several readings. And you might want to re-read it or let someone else read it as well.

It Is How You Think

The Birth of Hate

In the Heart of Woman the Seed Did Grow


Be warned, you read The Birth of Hate at the risk of having shifting emotions, rising passions and unrestrained thoughts. It does not promote neither does it condemn an ideology, religion or cultural belief. It is about what is, was or could have been. You will love it, hate it, or not. What you will not do is nothing.

What is hate? Why do we do it and when did it start. There are many answers to this question with no one definition settled on by past and present day thinkers. Though keep in mind that hate is brought on most often by the action of others. There is a cause and effect. We are not born with hate in our hearts it does come to life in our mind. It is an emotion that lives on as long as…

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