This I Pray

Go Here When You Have No Other Place to Go
Only When You Must

This I Pray

 Pray That You Will No Longer Need to Pray

A belief in a force greater than ourselves is not going to save us from hurt, pain or lost. It will not meet our basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. That can only be done by you and me. Prayer is to help us through, it is a bridge over troubled waters not to be worn out by too frequent use. Though I will say, when you give thanks by praying it cannot be given often enough, no matter how much you pray.

Prayer for many is for the reason they have not learned how to find the answer on their own. I prayed many times before I came to know this. Prayer is just a step on the path, and to get to where our life is taking us, we have to take action. We have to move toward where we want to go. You will not hear the answer when you wait. Prayer will lose its power over time when you do not use your own. And that is, your power to think. Prayer is there only for when you have done all that you know to do. It will not replace what we must do for ourselves. And the strength you receive from it will not be enough. It has to be matched with your own. Nothing in life will work if you do not do it right.

When we pray, we are searching for the answer. Prayer is not what you seek. It is a means to an end not the end itself. It is just a tool we have been given. A very good one at that when used as it should. It will be heard only when it needs to be. Not because we think, it should. It has to be charged with the strength of will to work. Help needs help to help. There is not a thing that we should have more faith in than ourselves. It is a thing that just cannot happen, though at times we act as if it could. If you think this, you are not alone with this thought. There are many who believe that they must place more trust in someone other than themselves, but we are not made to be that way. Our Creator—who I call God—gave us all that a normal person should need. Prayer is just a call for help when you don’t know what to do. It will not give you what you must give yourself.

The next move is yours to make. If you pray for just one thing, pray that you will no longer need to pray for an answer. And that you will live your life in a way where you only need to give thanks for your blessings. We were created by God to have the answer; we are self-contained. We have all that we need to live, procreate and grow. We were designed that way so there would be no need for intervention. That is, unless we start to destroy the creation. Then we will see the true power of God. When we get to the point where God has had enough, we will know.  



I Am
For You Too


Here You Are Free to Say What You Think