Where Do You Belong

Have a Seat
Fine the Best Place for You

Do You Know Your Place

We must know where we belong, if not we are lost. There are things a society must have in place for us to thrive and grow. Life would not be the same without them. The means and use of its own tools to function is one of them. One such tool for all groups is the use of symbols and labels. We must use labels that we know by shapes and words to make sense of our world. We will not have a thought of what a thing is if it does not have a label. Without one, you would not know. Nor will we know its purpose.

We use labels to know what we are doing. It all began with life and the world, as we know it. We were born with the instinct. This is so that we could survive in this new world. It is said by some, that they do not have a place. And they refuse to be labeled or “put in their place.” This is a wrong way to think. If you do not have a place, you do not have a place to be. Of course, we are all some place. Although, it may not be the place we want to be. We were born to belong, to fit in, not to be alone. We all have our own place that we only have to find. You will know it when you find it, because you will feel it.

If you think you have no place, that it is somehow an insult, it will only cause you harm. Just take a moment to think what you are saying when you say this. We all have a place starting in our mother’s womb. It comes with a label that tells who we are. It will tell where our place is in the order of our birth, as well. This does not change. There are labels that we have that will change as we change. This is over time as our roles in life change. When we feel that we do not have a place, we will get less from the place we are in now. And when we move on, we take less with us and have less to work with where we are going.

When you are not content with your place, change your label and your place will change. This is done by changing the way you think. Some go back to school. Others make sure to fill out the space they are in. Getting the most from what they have. You change the way you think by being aware of how you think. Everyone has a place and that place is where you want to be. No one can misplace you but you. Each of us defines who we are. The future is in our hands. Even with its ebb and flow of life. Know what it is you see when you look. I am who I have been looking for. Who are you?



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