Self—It is Who You Are and Forever Be

Presenting a positive Self image.
Self to Self

The Self Is The Core And Soul Of You

To be self-aware is to know who you are. The Self is our core, the essence of you. It is where we go to be ourselves. A place we would never leave on our own. Our power and strength come from there. If your mind and the ways of life have kept you away, it is a choice to go back. It takes work to do. That is unless it is what you want. And you must want to above all else. You must listen to learn and learn to listen.

How we think, feel, and act comes after we are born. It is not born with us. It is not the Self. These are things that make up our personality. It is the way we show the world whom we think we are. In other words, what we think of ourselves. Though only sometimes true. It is how we act and may change as we change how we think. The Self will not change. It is you—the you that was created for you. Your Self is your own, given to each one of us. None is the same.

Life evolves, but the Self does not change, it does not shrink, it does not grow. It can be smothered. Then, of course, you will not be able to express yourself. The way we think is what smothers the Self. It will not let the real one surface. The self is there for all of us to be. It is not about how one behaves. That has more to do with our personality.

Self or Personality

Personality, unlike the Self, is a group of character traits that help to define who we are. This grouping is the most affected by the seeds of doubt. Doubt is the root cause of disordered thinking—our thoughts, feelings,, and how we act change, but we do not. Of course, if there is no conflict, which would be with the Self. One of the ways that the things we believe in are shown is through our character. It is how others view us. It is also part of us that tells what we think about ourselves—it will vary at times. However, it will only be the real you when it matches your Self.

We are born with a map of who we are. It makes up the person that is you. The person we were meant to be. It is the core of the human being and does not change. As with all things, our physical side changes with time. Our genes, of course, determine how we will look. We have no say in this. It is part of our creation. However, we do have a say in the life we create, as does whom we create our offspring with. And this would be the other parent, the co-creator of this new life.

We See You

Some will say that a person has changed, that they do not act the same. They may have changed how they act, though they are not different. Not a thing has changed about who they are. They are still who they have always been. What has changed is how the person thinks, feels, and acts. The core of their being, the soul, has not changed. You cannot sell it, and you do not lose it. It is the real you. You cannot be who you are not and will tire out trying. Yet, many do try. Your disordered thinking is what keeps you from being real. It keeps your Self from shining through. This creates an image that is not who you are. I am the one who I have been looking for. Not the one you know.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think

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