Ben Cauley Sole Survivor of Crashed That Killed Otis Redding Has Died

Note for Otis Blog Posts 2-5-16

Ben Cauley Founding Member of The Bar-Kays
(October 3, 1947 – September 21, 2015)

Here is the short video paying tribute to Ben Cauley that I promised. As I said yesterday, I met Ben Cauley and his wife Shirley here in Madison where I live. He was invited as the guest of honor for a celebration of the anniversary of the death of Otis Redding who died in the plane crash that both of them were in. Ben Cauley was the sole survivor. The remaining members of the Bar-Kays, the pilot and Otis’ valet perished as well. Madison has four lakes within the city limits and the plane crashed into Lake Monona the second largest of the four. For more information and videos on the crash please visit ( and search Otis Redding.

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