You Just Talk Too Much

Light Skin Black Woman Talking Too Much
Rush to Show You Know
Let not your rush to show that you know tell what you do not. It says more about you than what you know.

There are some, and I believe out of insecurity, who feel they have to be well versed on matters that they are just not up close enough to have the knowledge and understanding to know what is really going on. It is usually about politics, news in general or current events. They watch all of the news programs and read two or three newspapers a day. And they rely heavily on what others say, what they read on Facebook and the internet. They then feel that they are experts on foreign policy, domestic issues and the personal lives of our politicians and all things government.

They believe that they know all the details on what is going on in the world. And it is evident to those who listen to them how little they do know. But they are none the wiser and just go on and on with excitement and enthusiasm. They are hurting themselves and are none the wiser; they don’t even know it. The audience they are trying to impress is just entertained by their naiveté.

More than trying to impress though, these walking and talking news sources and opinions givers are only trying to feel better about themselves and do not understand this truth. For if, they did understand the image and message that they give out, they would do better to feel better by listening more, and talking and writing less.

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