If We Don’t Demand It They Will Not Change It

Auntie Jemima Pancakes

There are some, and I am hoping very few, Blacks who think that we should not protest and make demands on businesses to change their practices. And that we should not take action against businesses and corporations for them to change or discontinue the products that they sale when it is deemed offensive or racist in fact, by inference or through suggestive methods and techniques. Well, here is one where pressure did what it was supposed to.

Those old enough will remember this image. And this is just one, there are many more including Sambo, nigger hair and tobacco products, Amos and Andy, The Little Rascals and Uncle George, one of the characters, with a bone through his nose and “jungle” clothing that covered part of his body. Yum yum eatum up for those who remember him on the show.

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