Who is That Looking at You

What Could Be On Her Mind

What you see in the mirror is not always what you see when you look at you. Who you are lies inside there is no mirror that can tell who you are. Much of it is just a reflection of things that you have done to make yourself feel like who you are not. And let there be no doubt what is there when all else is peeled away. It is you for no makeup or getup can keep you up. It will not change who you are.

The Self is your makeup. It is the soul of a person, it is who you are and it does not change. Changing the reflection you see in the mirror is not what you need. An overhaul of how you think and how you feel is what you need. How you feel will change how you act and view the world around you and how you are viewed by others will change, as well.

Let how you act be the face that you show the world. Do not let how you look speak for you. It is only meant to be a compliment to who you are. It is true, let there be no doubt, makeup and a getup will not keep you up. When you act the way you look, and it does not match your inner Self, it creates pressure. And if you do not act the way you look, it will cause one to wonder whom you really are. Which face do they know?

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