A Time to Remember Part 1

Wanda Roach

I remember writing a letter to my brother telling him about Otis Redding‘s death. Shortly afterward, January 24, 1968, Carthell McHenry was killed in Viet Nam, Dr. M. L. King was assassinated April 4, 1968, and Robert Kennedy in June of ’68. Those were trying times.

James R. Yarbrough

Yes, I lived those days up close and personal. I was in the Air Force and stationed at Andrews AFB just outside Washington D.C. The base is known as the presidential base. Air Force One and the President’s other air transports are based there. Carthell was my classmate at Lafayette and we, through fate, were stationed near each other in the military. He and I would get together when we could. He was stationed in DC at the Marine’s honor barracks. He was an honor guard and never would have been assigned to Viet Nam. When he told me that he was going to volunteer to go I all but pleaded with him not to.

He was determined, for reasons only he would know for sure; though, I believe it to have its roots somehow in his childhood. Fate has two hands. I left on leave and when I returned he was already in Viet Nam. As I remember, he was only there for a day or two before he was killed. I am going to post my account of those days, on FB, and make sure to share to the Lafayette page. This I will do today. Thanks so very much for your comments, they brought back memories of days I will never forget. They are engraved in my memory.


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