Why You Think The Way You Do

Why You Think The Way You Do

It is not always what we think of ourselves that bother us the most. Much too often, it is what you think, others think about you. When you do, you are thinking a thought of a thing only they can know. That should not be the cause of your discomfort. You should let no one influence your thoughts to make you feel bad.

They would not approach you with this in mind if they did not think they could. How you act is what will lead others to believe what they do about you. It is how you are thought of when they think of you. How else can they know. When you change how you think, if that is what you need to do, you change what is thought of you. To change my thoughts about me, I must change how I think about me. To do this, you must change your mind. Painful thoughts cause you to think in a way that does not serve you well.

When you have painful thoughts, there is a cause. This kind of thinking shows in how you act. You can come to depend on it. Then think that it is normal. Of course, it is not. You should not think your thoughts this way. When you are not sure of your thinking, you know that things are not right. All you need to do is tell yourself that you know. Do you see you in what I say. If you do not, then it is about me, or a person you might know. There is but one purpose, by nature, which we have. That is to be the best that we can be. If we do this, our lives will be the same.

Yes, it does hurt to think the wrong thoughts. What you think should not be the cause of pain. Knowledge will do no harm. How you think about what you think you know can. We can be perfect in things that we do. We will not be perfect in how we think. There is but one who is a perfect thinker. It is not you or me. It does not help to pretend that you do not know what you know. No one can hide from the truth.

You will not learn if you are afraid to know. I cannot hide from what I know about me. You cannot hide from what you know about you. Once you know you cannot close your mind to what you see. In the absence of damage, the brain does not “un” know. Knowledge builds it does not leave. We should use what we know to know more, not to try to forget. The mind is not next door. There is not a thing to fear, there is no bad knowledge. There is no doubt, though, that you can know some bad things.

Not a thing that you know is so bad you cannot think about it. For the reason you have. There is never a good reason to spend more time there than what you should. If we feel bad about our past, it is how we think of our past. And we all have one. What will you do to change how you think?


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