Month: September 2013

What Does God Say To You

How Would It Sound When God speaks, his loudest voice is heard through others, and what you do and say. Listen not for a sound coming from above, no words will you hear. Though, you will feel his blessings in your life when you… Continue Reading “What Does God Say To You”

Remember This

Classless Society The American Dream

All wealth is generated from the bottom of the human pyramid. You may find this hard to believe, even so, it is true. Money circulates by the purchase of goods and services. So the most has to be purchased by those who purchase the… Continue Reading “Classless Society The American Dream”

Now Let’s Be Real

Happy Birthday Otis (The Big O) Redding

Knowledge and Confidence to Use It


We must seek for those things that we want to find rarely will they find us. First; though, you must know if you need what you think you want. None of us are perfect but we can do perfect things. What is perfect for… Continue Reading “Happiness”