And You Say That You Love Me

If the one that you thought you loved say it’s your problem, it is not love that you feel. And no one who is in love with you would speak those words. Where there is no sharing there is no love. When you love someone, you share each other’s feelings. In your heart, you should feel what they feel. When they hurt, you feel their pain. When the one you love is happy, you are happy for them. You cannot love someone who does not love you. How could you. That is not how true love works. If you think you love me, and I do one thing just one time to hurt you, then your love for me is a lie. And that is if you know it or not. Let there be no doubt, one thing is for sure, you will never hurt the one you love, not by any measure. We are not made to be that way.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think

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