Month: June 2013

Never Think You Know

Your Mind and You

To Be Heard

Just the Facts

Desire Is Not A Dirty Word

The Strongest Human Emotion is Desire Even the feelings of love and hate are not as strong as desire. You can “feel” love for one and desire another just as you can feel hate for one that you desire. The heart race and the… Continue Reading “Desire Is Not A Dirty Word”

You Have to Listen to Learn

Can It Be Too Hard?

You Cannot Do More Than You Are Capable Of; You Can Be More Capable.

Is It More Than A Mirror On The Wall

When you look in the mirror who looks back at you can you say. Is it the person you knew yesterday or the day before. Do you see what is there or what you want to see. What you see is not always what… Continue Reading “Is It More Than A Mirror On The Wall”

All That You Need

I Have a Secret and I Will Not Tell

Our brains have the same makeup, but different—as we are—in what it can do for us. Our thoughts are one of them. There is no restriction on the thoughts that we think. There is a limit on the thoughts that we have. It is… Continue Reading “I Have a Secret and I Will Not Tell”

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