Is It More Than A Mirror On The Wall

When you look in the mirror who looks back at you can you say. Is it the person you knew yesterday or the day before. Do you see what is there or what you want to see. What you see is not always what others see in you. Is their vision of you better than yours is to you. Only of the outside could it be for they know not what is in you and me. Nor can they know the thoughts that we think. Today would be just like any other day if it were not for the addition of a little more gray. And you know, without a doubt, that wrinkle at the brow is here to stay. The grey was there all along and the wrinkle did not just set up home. The time will come when what you see will not change from day-to-day. What you see, will be there to stay. So, why not see what you want to see, who else can set you free.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think