What I Said on Facebook #1

I Did Not Expect A Prophecy Type Reaction

This is the script from one of my Facebook posts. Not everyone agrees with what I have to say, which is good. It gives me more to say. This is what one reader had to say.

This was the caption of my post: And all the time you thought it did not get hot in Wisconsin.

Brianna Anderson Williams—We’re having extreme conditions all over, if not the heat its floods or fire..there’s No where to run baby, nowhere to hide (a song),seems like there’s devastation of some kind everywhere. There is a reason for all of thIs….

James R. Yarbrough—Well, it would certainly seem that way, but it is just nature and nature has not changed very much. You could say that the weather now is better than centuries ago if you believe the bible. It would appear from what little I know about the weather is that there have been shifts in conditions but no significant changes that would have an effect on the atmosphere. But with “progress” if it can be called that, it will not be much longer.  Think about this, just a small change would cause catastrophic results and not long after our demise. So no, the weather has not changed that much other than the average temperature has risen over centuries. A good example is in Wisconsin where I live and further north. This area was once covered with ice. And the reason we have so many hills and valleys is that the ice when it started to melt created glaciers that carved out what we see today. It is beautiful and I just love it. I am in paradise. And one of the things I really love about this area is that it is easy to live on a hill since there are so many. It is where I prefer to live. I will not live any place else unless I absolutely have to.

Now we know there are some who believe in climate change and global warming, that is an issue I have not taken up. I can tell you what I believe, and that is God will not let us destroy what he has created not to be destroyed. We may be destroyed but not nature. He will not let things go that far. Remember, if you believe in the bible humans were created last which make sense because all that we needed to survive had to be here first in order for us to do so. Now we are out to destroy that. We were the last created and now we are destroying what we need for our survival. He left it up to us if we wanted to live or not. And it seems from I can see we are doing a good job making sure our stay will not be much longer.

Brianna Anderson Williams—The weather breaking temperatures in comparison differentiate from 10 to 15 years ago. I know this past winter I didn’t have to wear a coat, maybe once or twice and no spring at all. The Bible is the Only Book I believe in and I as a Christian, God-fearing Person can see its fulfillment. And with our Worldly disasters causing death of thousands of people, and Wars affecting a many of people, some making it out with major complications, no legs or arms, burned, and mental disorders, fighting a war that should be over costing billions of dollars a day and we’re living in a Country where the deficit is over the roof and we have borrowed so much that we are not independent anymore. I have always looked a little further than my own circumstances; actually I am comfortable myself. Its just that it gets hard for me to be Totally at ease when I really can’t trust the Security of the Country and all the time the Battle within is of control amongst the overseers, the ones with power. I often think about the condition this country will be left in for the ones to follow us. How soon do we forget.

James R. Yarbrough— I so agree with you. How can we promote and support life and our continuation on this earth when we are destroying each other and what it takes to survive. I think about it almost every day, why do we kill, why do we hate, how can we destroy what we know we need to survive. I have been trying to figure it all out. The only reason that I can see is that God gave us a brain and free will and it seems we are not mature enough as humans, yet, if ever, to use them to our greatest advantage. But as far as the negatives of life, they seem to have started almost from the beginning very close after the creation of humans.  Well, as far all of this destruction we see today both manmade and by nature it has gone on for as far back, and beyond written history. And there are actually more people who survive the type of catastrophic events that you speak about today than in the past. It is because we have shelter from these happenings that they did not have. We have weather forecasting and warnings that often gives us time to seek shelter. That is not to say that many are not killed in the storms, floods, fires and tornadoes that we see. In the past homes and building were so poorly constructed that they offered very little protection. Though it is definitely unexplainable why we would deliberately kill each other, sometimes over a pair of shoes.

Now as it regards the debt and those kinds of things, if you go online and do a little searching around,  it will not take much, you will see that the conditions you speak of are nothing new. It is just a cycle that repeats itself. So my solution for anyone who will listen, is to be the best that you can be. Believe me when I tell you that it is the best that you can do. Bobbi, I use to follow all the news programs. I read three and four newspapers a day until I realized that the media were mostly telling us what they wanted us to hear not what is really going on. First of all, they do not know and we will not. So what you have are the media reporting to us what they know not a thing about. Another thing about information both now and then, I have a Bachelor’s Degree with a Sociology major and a minor in history. I love reading about historical events but I would never place all of my beliefs in a history book.  So you see, what we are getting is based on what is fed to the media, by those who really know, but they are not telling the truth. I use to talk about the news to anyone who would listen I thought I was informed and acted as such, so then how could those who were actually in the know approach me, they couldn’t, or should I say, would not. They know that when they meet a person who knows all there is there is not a thing they can tell them. I am so happy that I am now comfortable with myself enough that I do not have to use intellectualization as a defense mechanism. We, the citizens are too far down in the chain to be privy to the type of information needed to make an informed decision, I learn this in the military. I had a secret security clearance.

I am not as comfortable as I would like to be, but I will be.

Brianna Anderson Williams—I hear you. With all your education, training and experience you surely know more than I in such matters. As you say this stuff has been going on since the beginning, just in a more primitive manner and you have involved yourself quite extensively in worldly situations with sometimes negative outcomes because of your intelligence. So hey, it is what it is and will always be. I am gonna stop the news thing and listen to my music in the morning and let my own thoughts flow…I have a more clear understanding since you refreshed my memories of your experiences. So hats off I got the message! Very good.

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