Month: August 2012

The Color Line

Book Manuscript Excerpt: Part I Chapter Eleven (Abbreviated) I Work Both Sides of The Tracks When left to itself, the mind has no power of its own; it is powered by the world in which it exists. There were times—though very few—when growing up… Continue Reading “The Color Line”

Home Town

Part I Chapter Five Not All Was What it Seemed to Be Camden is where it happened for me. It is just down the road a piece—about 55 miles—from Hope. Hope is the home town of William Jefferson Clinton, known by most as Bill.… Continue Reading “Home Town”

I Will Not

Will You or Not You should try to say what you will do, not what you will not do. This includes saying what you will not do now. You should only say—if you feel you must—what you do not want to do. What you… Continue Reading “I Will Not”

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