Time for Change—There Is a Better Way

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Now is The Time

You first have to know, and then you have to realize you know. When you know, that you know better, you will do better. Good is what you do until then. It is a goal with no end and you should strive to make your good better. You will now know that you can. Good can and does get better. If you fail, you cheat your Self. When you think in a way that takes from who you are, that is what you are doing. It is the worst kind of way to think.

One of the rules of nature is to do no harm to the Self. If you do, you can never be who you are here to be. Life will not be what you deserve. When you do not use your gifts and talents—we all have them—they do not stay at their best. Nature will not let it be. Your assets have to be put to their best use. When this does not happen, life moves on but you will not keep up. To work against what is good for you pokes a finger in the eye of nature. We live and grow by the fundamentals of life. To know this is the core of our existence.

You do not have to do or say a thing, when you do, say and do the right thing. There is not a thing that we can do when we do not have the energy to do it. It comes from will and desire. They are the fuel that propels us toward our goals. You have to be motivated and you are the best one to do that for you. The effort must be up to the goal. Great change needs a great effort. To gain much, you have to put in a major effort. A gain from little effort is not here to stay. It will go as it came. What was needed was not done. Success is that moment when we have given all that we have to give, for now.

The right thing done the wrong way will not succeed, just as the wrong thing cannot be done right. You can be right, though look as if you are wrong by those who are not right. It does not mean that you are wrong, and they are right, they are still wrong. You should let no one turn you away from what you know. There is no “little white lie” no shades or degrees of right and wrong. They are what they are. You do not have to prove you are right, just be right. To make a change to what is right will not make a thing that is right better. It will not be improved on. If it is right, it is not wrong.

You are the one to decide what is right or wrong for you. As we all must do, you have to live with what you decide. When you have done the right things, it does not mean all of the right things are done. Trying to do the right thing is good. To do it is better. You must put forth the effort until all things that can be done right, are. You will have the tools to do this. When you do it right you will feel right. It is then that you will know how much better it is than what it was. You cannot be “caught” doing the right thing. How can you do a thing wrong when you know how to do it right? You cannot, when you know better you will do better. There is no exception.

How you feel and act will change as your thoughts change. There is no better time for change than when it is needed. Change will happen, when you change how you think. This will change how you feel. When you feel better, you will change how you act and your life will change, as well. Our role in life is shaped by how we act. It is how we will be known to those who know us. It is what others will use to judge us. Some may say it is not all about me. Well, I say, it is. When it is about you, it is about us, all of us in some way. We all have the Self as the core of who we are. You get to know your Self by being yourself. How great it is to meet your Self for the first time. You should not let your life pass you by. Be happy to know who you are. This, you have coming to you. When you are not happy, it shows.

There is no time or age limit to do better for you. It is not too early or too late. Even so, it is for you to choose if it is your time to think healthy. The body and the mind can both be fit. Though the mind you must convince. To change your mind is to change your life. This is where the rest of your life begins. If there is no way to know, there is no need to know. Where there is a need there is a way, if there is no way, there is no need. The more you get the less you need. It is called nature it is called life. If there is a thing you need to do, you can do. You only need to let the mind know.

When you do not succeed as you think you should, there is more work to do. Perfection in the things we do is a worthwhile goal for all of us to have. You are not wrong when you do. It is not a bad word. It is a Self, defined state of mind, it is personal. If not to be perfect, what then could be your goal. A thing less is less than your best. We were created to decide the scope and reach of our lives. Observe your world well. And do when you can do. There is much to be gained from each. Though, one should not take from the other. You should listen to learn. And learn to listen to what your world has to tell you. Do not run from what you should be running to, your Self. We can never run out of time, time runs out of us. Time is time we are not.

You can only get there from here. It does not matter the means or the mode. You will not get there from any other place, but from where you are. You can only get there from here and you got here from there. You were there in the past, now you can be there in the future. You can go back there or you can go to there, it is your choice, which there do you choose. You can only get there from here. For sure, your mind cannot stay where it is.

You have to believe it to see it. When you see it, you will know. What do you believe?


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