Appetite: Large/Small or Average


A desire to satisfy a physical or mental need, such as for food, sex, or adventure.”

Image represents the appetite for food: Gourmet style.

Appetite for Food

If I had known what was about to overwhelm my life and health, I would have gone the other way. A down-south relative once asked me if I had ever been sick. I thought, and still think, it was a rather odd question to ask. So, I responded as any person who has lived and is old enough to talk: Yes, I have been sick, to which she responded—life-threatening sickness. To which I responded, no. Well, that was before. This is now.

It truly felt life-threatening. I lost my appetite!



I have always found it so comforting to cozy up to my heart’s delight. But, friends, let me tell you, nothing is cozy or comforting about not wanting to do what you have done your entire life and thoroughly enjoyed to the highest degree. And the symptom—loss of appetite. The cause: unknown. But there are symptoms of the symptom that one should expect when they have lost their appetite to do it. I have suffered, and I am doing so as I type. Until a solution is found, the best that I can do is do my due diligence and adjust as best as I can. I am challenged, but my eyes and mind are wide open. What do you do when you cannot do it? Or? Not much when you can.


I want to, but something “in-house,” says no. It is not a sin, for I do not wish to overindulge even with it being one of the greatest pleasures known to the world. But nevertheless, I want and need to do it more—not less. And you would feel the same way if it happened to you.

There is no suitable replacement if you lose your appetite. To see it, to want it, and have the body say no is cruel; it should know better. Well, I will give it what it seems not to want: FOOD.   

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