Why There Is No Way to Know

Look Listen And Learn

Think Is What You Can Do


(Why other than your own you will never know.)To tell a person what to think will not teach them how to think. We are how we think. So, think about this: It is more how you think than what you think. It matters not as much what it is as what you do with it. It is how you think.

And how you think today has its roots in what occurred in your life “yesterday.”

I will show you why. And there will be times when I will do this in a not-so-conventional way. It does not mean that I have strayed; it merely says that the road we take will at times be without markers. You must have faith. When you believe it, you will see it.

Using current events, I will show how the actions and behaviors of “news makers,” both public and private, that result in adverse outcomes originate and have their roots in early childhood. You do not make decisions that will cause harm to your Self and others and the very source of your existence, if not for dysfunction in the family setting and possible mental defect passed from one generation to the next. War is a prime example. What about hate and environmental destruction, just to name a few. And who to blame?

When you first read it, some of what I say could cause you to question how it applies to how you think. And my answer will be, all things you do require you to think. On occasion, my words will undoubtedly challenge some of the things you have come to believe as certain truths. It will take you up, around, and back again, but the steps will lead back to you, and where the road leads, we will follow. You must know how you think to think better. And you must always know what is on your mind.

Why You Feel the Way That You Do

It Is How You Think

Yes, I am talking here.

You may ask, and you would not be alone in doing so, “why do I feel the way that I do.” When not all is right, and you think it should be, and you see no reason it should not, disordered thinking is the cause of your anguish. When how you think is disordered—out of order and not serving you well—it takes you further away from your true Self. The mind now has a mind of its own. It is making decisions without you. There is no time or place that this should be. You are the master of your mind and must always be in charge of you.

There is but one stage of your life where your mind will take leave of you. It will stem from early childhood trauma and a dysfunctional family life, which allows you few good thoughts to think. And a chemical imbalance in the brain, if it is present and undiagnosed, adds to the mix.



Nothing here is fiction. It is about life and our existence. It is not about what they have been telling you. It is about the way that it is. What is here will help you understand and know that to see, you must look. You may see your SELF in what I have to say. When you do not, it could be someone you know and love who comes to mind. Or perhaps you will be reminded of one of those troubled souls who you see act out their hurt in all the wrong places when there seems to be no apparent reason why. Now you will know what that might be. It is a matter of knowing the real you—the person you see when you go inside and take off your “outside” for the day. Through growth and enlightenment, you can change the course of your life if that is what you need or want to do.

All that I do and say is about how we think, feel, act, and why. It Is How You Think is a guide to help you live a better life through your thoughts and how you think them. That—in turn—will help you to understand how we all think, which will give you answers to questions that may have caused concern and bewilderment. The “illustrated” words spoken here show that if your thinking is disordered—out of order and not serving you well—your life will be the same. How we think is the root cause of our negative feelings. The focus is on the Self: your Self, her Self, him Self, and my Self―all of our Selves.

Through “It Is How You Think,” I will address why we all think the way we do. You will see how changing how you think will change how you feel and relate to the people, places, and things in your life.



First, you have to listen. The more you listen, the more you understand what you hear and read. You are sure to think and feel what you hear if you listen. There will be truths that will cause you to change how you perceive the world around you. This is good. It will challenge the way you think. And thought is what gives us a reason to think.

What is here—if you listen—will take you where you did not know that you had ever been. It will help you see where you think you are, is not where you are at all—no matter where you are. It is about change: a change in how you think. There are no words here formed that will tell you what to think. That is for you to decide.

Before help can help you, and this only applies if you see yourself here, you must help your SELF. There is no therapy, counseling, or medication that will be effective until you do. When I say you, I am talking about the Self, your SELF, her SELF, and him SELF. All of the “Selves who need to find their way back home.”

You may ask what could motivate some of us to do what we do. The thing you can do to know the answer is know it when you see it. And you must believe it to see it.

Our world is not just what is around us. It is also what is in our mind and the thinking that we do in our head. So, what is here is for all of us who have had thoughts about “Why Do I Feel The Way that I Do.”



REMINDER: We cannot do or say anything without thinking about it first. And how we think determines—to the greater extent, the outcome. How we see others act and the impact of their actions is the result of how they think. And this applies to all occupations, positions held, authority possessed, or not. No matter the station in life, age, gender, or any other characteristic, it is about thinking and how you do it. Here we will explore thinking and thought as it relates to our personal lives and events on the local, regional, national, and international stage.


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